Thursday, 15 November 2018

Saybana: The Canopy Of Life And Style

The one stop for all your style requirement- Saybana

This hub is blending fashion with the comfort of ancient old gold-khadi textile.

Located on Bombpas road,near Southern Avenue Swimming-pool, a teal-mint coloured quirky store offering most of the style opinions that most of the women in Kolkata are currently looking for-

What to wear for the perfect styling without compromising against the kolkata-ese humidity?

This is a store run by three well known faces from the city,celebrating the women bawse staring with Debarati Gupta, Anushree Malhotra and Sonali Bhattacharya.

What do you get?

Starting with an amazing variety of handloom sarees purely made out of khadi along with an array of colors to choose from. Or for the wild souls go crazy over prints from fish scale design to classic marbling or stick to solid colors with broad boarders, to call it a day.

A variety of kurti was my favorites cause honesty ladies,we gotta think of everyday chores more other than that of holiday glam up or weekend date. For men they have a range of selection too. A slit kurti with side pockets is my ultimate go on from the store-pair it up with some denim jeggings for college ready look or churridar pants for more comfort chic look, also that's not where we end our style guide, if you are experimental then my favorite would be to pair it up with some shorts underneath and open slit cuts from front to jazz up the contemporary runaway look with some handmade jewelry right available under one roof.

The store has got you covered in the field of scarfs-yes scarfs.

Readers might wonder why a scarf-whats so special about it? A scarfs can be the gem to any outfit, infact I can make a separate post on it,coming back to here,the scarfs were so comfy and soft that you can no doubt use it round the year to add a bit of flare and fun to your same ritual dresses such as putting it around your hair for DIY hairdo or adding it to your outfit alike a waistband for a fun element, options are enumerable here.

And did I mention about their handmade jewelry again in this post? Because am obsessed over their collection;they have a whole range of handmade jewelry for all the bohemian gigs.

And whats the hidden gem here?( now finally coming back to the climax of Saaybana Lifestyle)

I have been wearing Naga wrap skirts what so often since my church days-the most frequently asked question was its availability.
This store has a collection of Naga wrap around skirts itself in kolkata. cool? awesome. even I couldn't resist myself from picking one,trust me they had so many and I wishes only if I could buy them all. 

Now readers might wonder why should anyone get it from Saaybana instead of any other stop.
Here are the pointers to help you out selecting these wraps over the authentic wraps from Nagaland or Northeast itself :

  • These are available right in your city of joy.Thus,accessibility with a wide range of variety to choose from.(My favorite was a white one with primary co loured stripes representing the tive naga design) 
  • The original Naga wraps are woven out of different fabrics such as fine wool favoring the chilled climate over the seven sisters hill, this outlet has got you covered here. You get comfortable khadi skirt offering the same style and honestly we love our north easterns fashion inspo so here's how we are upgrading the game with the diversity.

Give this outlet a visit and see it yourself if my verdict differs from yours and keep the feedback coming. 

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1/1 Bompas Road Kolkata-700029
Phone- +918910164188

Friday, 13 July 2018


Hello my sunshine, with all that crazy makeup impressions, we all have selected one out of all as the most preferred and voted one from the rest of the list. Am talking about a makeup trend which traces its origin from last few years and yet is one of the few very favorite to make its mark still prominent in this year of 2018. Yes am talking about liquid lipsticks or more precisely matte liquid lipsticks. Initiated as the kylie Jenner trend we all have placed matte liquid lipsticks to our heart in such a way that it steals the show without even trying whereas 2018 has till yet witnessed a decline of matte lipsticks in fashion industry. Want to know more about 2018 trends? click Here
 for more 2018 trends.
So here I am today reviewing one of the most hyped matte liquid lipstick ever launched in India and it’s no wonder that it’s from Nykaa cosmetics.
Nykaa Matte to last liquid lipstick

We all love Nykaa and it has no doubt upgraded our makeup game. More power to you team Nykaa
So coming back to the product:

In the shade:Guwa-Hottie

Below is the packaging of the lipstick which is unique and quite visually attractive to me. Each box represents different cities which inspired different names accordingly. Inside the box comes the lipstick in a plastic tube with an applicator like usual liquid lipstick. It is no doubt that the tube is light weight. It is packed very securely within the curtains so I decided to keep the box as well.
Nykaa has launched 8 shades initially but now it has added more shades to the range making it a collection of 18 variations. I decided to pick the shade-Guwa-hottie which is a deep tangerine red representing the Guwahati from the state of Assam.
03 Guwa-Hottie

 I loved the shade in 1st swipe as it added the perfect amount of bright color for everyday to special occasions. I decided to kinda make it my go to travelling lippie when I don’t want to put anything much to my skin, just simple hydrated skin with this hade to complete my face without going extra glam or dead soul at the same time.
Each lipstick has been Priced at Rs.550/-
Each shade was inspired by different cities of India such as Madras, Kashmir,  Darjeeling, Kolkata, Delhi, Bombay and the list goes on and on, which was really an interesting concept.
Each bottle comes with a net Vol. of 4.5ml with a shelf life of up to 3 years which is pretty decent and nothing too impressive at the same time.

Here's the swatch 

What the company claims:
  • *       This Lipstick Collection Is Nykaa’s Passion Project.
  • *       It Is Crafted In Italy And Is Deeply Inspired By India.
  • *       Every Shade Brings A Feeling And It Is Expected That Each One Of You Can Find The Perfect Match In This Collection.
  • *       Nykaa Matte To Last Liquid Lipstick Is The Ultimate Power Pout.
  • *       It Has A Formula Which Is So Life-Proof And Is Not Going Anywhere Until You Want To Take It Off.
  • *       In One Easy Glide, This Lipstick Gives You An Intense Shot Of Matte Pigment.
  • *       Moreover, It Is Ultra-Lightweight And Has A Non-Drying Formula.
  • *       This Lipstick Contains Vitamin E That Offers A Boost Of Anti-Oxidants Which Help To Keep Your Lips Soft And Supple.

Why Try Nykaa ?

  • *    Enriched With Vitamin E And Anti-Oxidants
  • *    Superior Matte
  • *    All-Day Wear Formula
  • *    Kiss-Proof And Transfer-Proof Wear
  • *    Made In Europe
  • *    Cruelty-Free
  • *    Paraben-Free
  • *    No Preservatives Added

My take on Nykaa:
Let’s start with packaging and design, as I had heard a lot of controversy about the design being inherited from brand Stay Quirky, I do find the similarity. Most importantly yes its light so it’s easy to carry it around tough I was a bit disappointed when opened the packaging and saw the actual lipstick was even smaller that that at a decent price of.
Next coming to the applicator, it’s easy to use and kinda slanted in tear shape which makes it easy in application which is even cool.
The applicator

Now the most important thing, the product itself selected a bright shade yet I was impressed by the color pay off. Its highly highly pigmented. The pigments are true opaque so u need maximum 2 coats for a solid color filling and that’s it.
The consistency is thin a not very thick. So it really settles down good. But again it needs couple of seconds like 30 to 40 to dry down into the matte finish, meanwhile if you touch or try to reapply the color comes off which is not great. Another thing that I have noticed is while applying it tends to stain my teeth now it might be a fault in my application process or my lips or teeth but it happened every-time. I remember even showing up in front of my crush with lipstick stains of my teeth and trust me nobody wants that. And it was not the 1st time. I have used so many liquid lipsticks since the evolution of this whole liquid lipstick game. So am quick surprised in this case. But again its been a mystry why this lipstick is betraying me.
It dries down to pure matte, if you’re a fan of kylie Jenner lip-kits you will love this formula but for me personally it was a down side especially I have dry lips so it would settle down on my cracks even if I do put lip balm and everything and in like next 4 hours my lips would look dehydrated, and it’s not the case with every other lipstick so may be its just me. With time I noticed It does last for a long 5 hours maximum if you’re not eating or any sort. Or you might wanna touch up the centre of your lips, upto you. If you’re eating or drinking then I would say it is still transfer-proof to a point but you might have to touch up a bit specifically on the centre of your lips to whole lips depending on your food. Kiss-proof? Well can’t say since haven’t tried it yet. I continued to apply this for 5 days to review this and honesty my lips started getting dehydrated so I think I will only be applying this on special occasions rather than an everyday essential.
I love the entire shade range as I tried from Nykaa but this one has to be my favorite. The color is more of rustic tangerine red which will compliment almost every skintone, for reference am NC44 in MAC.

  • *    Light Weight
  • *    Creative Names
  • *    Attractive Packaging
  • *    Highly Pigmented
  • *    Dries Down Matte As Mentioned
  • *    Right Consistency Glides On Smooth On Lips
  • *    Transfer Proof For 1st 4 Hours
  • *    Good Range Of Colors
  • *    Travel Friendly
  • *    Easy Applicator
  • *    Available At Online And Offline Nykaa Stores
  • *    Priced At Affordable Rate

  • *    Make The Lips Very Dry
  • *    Kissproof? I Don’t Know
  • *    Takes Seconds To Dry Out Meanwhile If Disturbed The Color Can Come Off
  • *    Few Shades Are Not Ideal For Deep And Darker Skintones.
  • *    Design Can Be A Copy
  • *    Keeps Staining My Lips I Don’t Know Why

Yes, you’re as crazy as me about makeup and loves playing with different colors do give it a try. Also all the matte lovers should try it too. It is perfect for the summer trends and at the same time is it not a must have or wow lipstick available on the market so you don’t need to rush to the market right now immediately and buy it with all what you have.