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Hello my sunshine, with all that crazy makeup impressions, we all have selected one out of all as the most preferred and voted one from the rest of the list. Am talking about a makeup trend which traces its origin from last few years and yet is one of the few very favorite to make its mark still prominent in this year of 2018. Yes am talking about liquid lipsticks or more precisely matte liquid lipsticks. Initiated as the kylie Jenner trend we all have placed matte liquid lipsticks to our heart in such a way that it steals the show without even trying whereas 2018 has till yet witnessed a decline of matte lipsticks in fashion industry. Want to know more about 2018 trends? click Here
 for more 2018 trends.
So here I am today reviewing one of the most hyped matte liquid lipstick ever launched in India and it’s no wonder that it’s from Nykaa cosmetics.
Nykaa Matte to last liquid lipstick

We all love Nykaa and it has no doubt upgraded our makeup game. More power to you team Nykaa
So coming back to the product:

In the shade:Guwa-Hottie

Below is the packaging of the lipstick which is unique and quite visually attractive to me. Each box represents different cities which inspired different names accordingly. Inside the box comes the lipstick in a plastic tube with an applicator like usual liquid lipstick. It is no doubt that the tube is light weight. It is packed very securely within the curtains so I decided to keep the box as well.
Nykaa has launched 8 shades initially but now it has added more shades to the range making it a collection of 18 variations. I decided to pick the shade-Guwa-hottie which is a deep tangerine red representing the Guwahati from the state of Assam.
03 Guwa-Hottie

 I loved the shade in 1st swipe as it added the perfect amount of bright color for everyday to special occasions. I decided to kinda make it my go to travelling lippie when I don’t want to put anything much to my skin, just simple hydrated skin with this hade to complete my face without going extra glam or dead soul at the same time.
Each lipstick has been Priced at Rs.550/-
Each shade was inspired by different cities of India such as Madras, Kashmir,  Darjeeling, Kolkata, Delhi, Bombay and the list goes on and on, which was really an interesting concept.
Each bottle comes with a net Vol. of 4.5ml with a shelf life of up to 3 years which is pretty decent and nothing too impressive at the same time.

Here's the swatch 

What the company claims:
  • *       This Lipstick Collection Is Nykaa’s Passion Project.
  • *       It Is Crafted In Italy And Is Deeply Inspired By India.
  • *       Every Shade Brings A Feeling And It Is Expected That Each One Of You Can Find The Perfect Match In This Collection.
  • *       Nykaa Matte To Last Liquid Lipstick Is The Ultimate Power Pout.
  • *       It Has A Formula Which Is So Life-Proof And Is Not Going Anywhere Until You Want To Take It Off.
  • *       In One Easy Glide, This Lipstick Gives You An Intense Shot Of Matte Pigment.
  • *       Moreover, It Is Ultra-Lightweight And Has A Non-Drying Formula.
  • *       This Lipstick Contains Vitamin E That Offers A Boost Of Anti-Oxidants Which Help To Keep Your Lips Soft And Supple.

Why Try Nykaa ?

  • *    Enriched With Vitamin E And Anti-Oxidants
  • *    Superior Matte
  • *    All-Day Wear Formula
  • *    Kiss-Proof And Transfer-Proof Wear
  • *    Made In Europe
  • *    Cruelty-Free
  • *    Paraben-Free
  • *    No Preservatives Added

My take on Nykaa:
Let’s start with packaging and design, as I had heard a lot of controversy about the design being inherited from brand Stay Quirky, I do find the similarity. Most importantly yes its light so it’s easy to carry it around tough I was a bit disappointed when opened the packaging and saw the actual lipstick was even smaller that that at a decent price of.
Next coming to the applicator, it’s easy to use and kinda slanted in tear shape which makes it easy in application which is even cool.
The applicator

Now the most important thing, the product itself selected a bright shade yet I was impressed by the color pay off. Its highly highly pigmented. The pigments are true opaque so u need maximum 2 coats for a solid color filling and that’s it.
The consistency is thin a not very thick. So it really settles down good. But again it needs couple of seconds like 30 to 40 to dry down into the matte finish, meanwhile if you touch or try to reapply the color comes off which is not great. Another thing that I have noticed is while applying it tends to stain my teeth now it might be a fault in my application process or my lips or teeth but it happened every-time. I remember even showing up in front of my crush with lipstick stains of my teeth and trust me nobody wants that. And it was not the 1st time. I have used so many liquid lipsticks since the evolution of this whole liquid lipstick game. So am quick surprised in this case. But again its been a mystry why this lipstick is betraying me.
It dries down to pure matte, if you’re a fan of kylie Jenner lip-kits you will love this formula but for me personally it was a down side especially I have dry lips so it would settle down on my cracks even if I do put lip balm and everything and in like next 4 hours my lips would look dehydrated, and it’s not the case with every other lipstick so may be its just me. With time I noticed It does last for a long 5 hours maximum if you’re not eating or any sort. Or you might wanna touch up the centre of your lips, upto you. If you’re eating or drinking then I would say it is still transfer-proof to a point but you might have to touch up a bit specifically on the centre of your lips to whole lips depending on your food. Kiss-proof? Well can’t say since haven’t tried it yet. I continued to apply this for 5 days to review this and honesty my lips started getting dehydrated so I think I will only be applying this on special occasions rather than an everyday essential.
I love the entire shade range as I tried from Nykaa but this one has to be my favorite. The color is more of rustic tangerine red which will compliment almost every skintone, for reference am NC44 in MAC.

  • *    Light Weight
  • *    Creative Names
  • *    Attractive Packaging
  • *    Highly Pigmented
  • *    Dries Down Matte As Mentioned
  • *    Right Consistency Glides On Smooth On Lips
  • *    Transfer Proof For 1st 4 Hours
  • *    Good Range Of Colors
  • *    Travel Friendly
  • *    Easy Applicator
  • *    Available At Online And Offline Nykaa Stores
  • *    Priced At Affordable Rate

  • *    Make The Lips Very Dry
  • *    Kissproof? I Don’t Know
  • *    Takes Seconds To Dry Out Meanwhile If Disturbed The Color Can Come Off
  • *    Few Shades Are Not Ideal For Deep And Darker Skintones.
  • *    Design Can Be A Copy
  • *    Keeps Staining My Lips I Don’t Know Why

Yes, you’re as crazy as me about makeup and loves playing with different colors do give it a try. Also all the matte lovers should try it too. It is perfect for the summer trends and at the same time is it not a must have or wow lipstick available on the market so you don’t need to rush to the market right now immediately and buy it with all what you have.


Saturday, 30 June 2018

TREND REPORT 2018: Makeup Goodness

We welcome 2018 as the year of ultraviolet.
One very prominent trend is the finally biding goodbye to crack dried lips from overly used liquid matte lipsticks or popularly initiation as the Kylie Jenner contribution.

We are talking about gloss and colors now. It’s all about radiating the kickass makeup goddess in us with all new use of gloss as major.
Makeup lines like Fenty Beauty by Rihanna launched in September 2017 with more than 40 shades in their collection including hotspots such as: Gloss Bomb Lip Luminizer to the Cosmic Glass Lip Glitters, Killer Highlighters, Body Lava,etc

Brands like Glossier’s Clear Glitter Lip Balm And Glosses have been spotted in making the very Instagram favorite Kirakira Lips in real life.

We taking this year with shimmer free cheekbones and skin as opting for glossy AKA ultra hydrating and neutral highlighters with the famous Korean glass skin effect or in simple words the dewy skin finish.

While no eyeliner is an Insta-thing this year we also will be noticing hopefully coming of color shades in eyeliner as spotted in Spring Summer 2018 Catwalk.

Eyelashes of this year will remain subtle as we concentrate more on length than volume, an end for thick spider eyelashes and clumpy coats of mascara.

Romantic shades such as peachy glowy look to dusty rose smoked up eye shades are more on trend. Its more on warmer tones from some hit brands such as Morphe, Colourpop, Urban Decay, Huda Beauty, Makeup Geek, Becca Cosmetics, Glossier, Juvia’s Place, etc

We have a free flow of highlighter going in 2018 with a love for tan mixed up with more neutral undertone such as peaches and pinks. Other hits include peanut butter eyes to gloss over eyelids. That’s not it, we saying hi to cherry shine lip with a finish of high shine effect. And finally we are over the matte liquid lipstick like that toxic ex who keeps draining us.

This year might witness lipsticks from satin to velvet finish. We have seen more launches till the mid of the year from brands like Colourpop,KKW, KJ lip kits,etc. With already a score on lip strobes from Huda Kattan’s Huda Beauty cosmetics in 2017 does play well in 2018. We also see other high end brands like Marc Jacob, Tarte cosmetics, etc in the game of shine like a queen.

All in all, MUAs around the world and all makeup geek can now create a plumped and juicy lip without damaging the lip hydration. It is one good trick to bring back life to any dull color. While we know that the love for the nude makeup is going to last for more while, a gloss lip along with minimal nude makeup is fit for every situation. Or you can go ahead and the game on another level by using gloss as your eyeshadow if you’re adventurous.


 I created this strong base with medium coverage with a bright pop of orange and yellow transition shade along with shimmering mauve pink base. Inspired from summer sunset I wanted to have the highlighting pink hue hence opted for bold satin lipstick highlighting fuchsia pink with plum undertone, packed with a high gloss to create the plumped up effect.


  • Colorbar Perfect Match Primer
  • LA Girl HD Pro Concealer Color Corrector In The Shade “Fawn” And “Warm Honey”
  • Colorbar Stunning Brow Pencil In “Chestnut 001”
  • Mac NC 44.5 Studio Fox Powder Foundation
  • LA Girl Pro Contour Cream In The Shade “Tan”
  • Makeup Revolution Luxury Baking Powder In The Shade “Terracotta”
  •  Essence Silky Touch Blush In The Shade “20 Babydoll” And “40 Natural Beauty”
  • Wet N Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder In The Shade “Precious Petals”
  • NYX Professional Makeup Gotcha Covered Concealer In The Shade “Fresh Beige”
  • LA  Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection In The Shade “Neon”
  • Wet N Wild Nude Awakening Eyeshadow Pallete
  •  Maybelline NY The Colossal Liner In The Shade “Black”
  • Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil In The Shade” Hot Chocolate”
  • Gigi Hadid X Maybeline Fiber Mascara
  • Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara
  • Wet N Wild Color Icon Lip Liner Pencil In The Shade “Fab Fuschia”
  • Oriflame Pure Colour Intense In The Shade “Fabulous Fuchsia” And “Juicy Plum”
  • Essence XXXL Nude Lipgloss In The Shade “05 Just Nude”
  • Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss In The Shade “29 Cute Pink”
  • Colorbar Stay The Day Finishing Mist                              

Friday, 1 June 2018


Hey it’s been a really long gap since I have updated anything on blog officially.
So am very excited about this one review on Freshlook Color Lenses. Huge thanks to Symtten for the package. Now I had received is a trial pack I the shade “Pure Hazel”

So if you’re wondering what is Freshlook?
Freshlook is a brand with collections of a wide variety of color contact lenses to enhance or transform your eye color.
They come up with a long list of color lens such as Brown, Amethyst, Sapphire, Grey, Honey, Hazel, Turquoise, Green and the list goes on and on.
Each pack of lens retails for different price range depending on its self life.
It can be a daily pack or monthly or even yearly.                                            
The below photo represents how it looked when I had first opened the packaging:-

It contained two different separate one time sachets containing lens along with the lens water or fluid whatever you call it. Now the water was adequate enough to usage in-fact I think it was still left after I had used it for one time, so no need to worry about it.
Now let’s come to what does the company claim?
These lenses are to transform and enhance eyes made for dark to light shade eyes.

As seen from the back of the lens sachets
What I had received was in the shade pure hazel.

How to use?
Direction: open the sachet and carefully place the lens on the palm of your hand along with the fluid. Gently place your finger over the lens to pick it up on the tip of your finger. Be careful not to be harsh over the lens specially with your nails. Do not drop or rub the lens. Now place the lens carefully into your eyes anywhere near to your pupil and close your eyes to adjust the lens by itself.

It was my 1st experience with lens as an overall and honestly I was nervous and doubtful about it. It took me good 20 to 30 minutes to pt the lens on as I had no previous idea or what so ever about the concept of lens. But I realized it wasn’t really a tough job to do so once you get how it works. Like I said I was doubtful and nervous. And once it was on my eyes and Bam! I was glowing with confidence. This may sound funny but yes it happened. To my regard I was very happy with my color selection. It didn’t only look natural yet appealing but also it enhanced my eye and makeup on the entire face. It felt like I was born again as a different person, just by the appearance, not exaggerating at all. And at the end of the day, it took me less than a minute to remove it. No irritation or burning sensation was caused in meanwhile and the vision was clear as ever. The lens didn’t have any power to them but if you are someone who needs rectification can also avail your own customized versions too. I was obsessed with myself throughout the day and couldn’t resist taking photos and videos.
Please refer to the photos below to see the results:

ü  Safe and clean packaging which is important for a delicate item as lens
ü  Amazing color blends with a large variety to select from.
ü  Non-irritating or drying eyes.
ü  Soft lens, friendly to sensitive eyes
ü  Affordable price
ü  Largely available online and offline
ü  Easy to take it off

ü  Can be tricky for the beginners
ü  To be applied prior doing makeup to avoid flooding over your makeup.

Final verdict:
Will I recommend it? Well yes it’s good if you want to experiment but its not an obvious like you have to rush to have it by today only.
You can now avail your own free trial pack from Freshlook, keep slaying those beautiful eyes.
Good luck!